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America the undereducated?

 by Jennie S. Bev In a global world that will judge us on our intellect, the United States is falling behind. The Mountain House Branch Library allows every member to check out 50 items at a time. But according to Susan Jacoby, in her highly acclaimed book, The...

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Prophetic mindset

by Jennie S. Bev Easter is associated with the resurrection of the Savior. For two millennia, Jesus Christ has been regarded as the one who sacrificed himself to save humankind with his divine power as granted from God. However, not many people, even Christians,...

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Jennie M. Xue is an award-winning author and a bilingual columnist based in Northern California. She writes in English and Indonesian and is known as one of the most prolific Indonesia-born bilingual authors and columnists. Her English-only site and writing portfolio is

They Said

The fire within Jennie was ignited as another fire was extinguished.
(Justin Lafferty for Tracy Press)

In a way, Jennie is a literary opposite of Stockton native Maxine Hong Kingston, who wrote about being trapped between American culture and the wrenchingly different ways of her Chinese immigrant parents. Cultural dislocation empowers Jennie.
(Michael Fitzgerald for The Record of San Joaquin)

They say the people who truly love you are the ones who constantly urge you to improve. Jakarta native and award-winning writer Jennie embodies this. Though she has lived in America for more than a decade, Jennie writes exhaustively on Jakarta, its people, its activism and its future.
(Shalene Gupta for The Jakarta Globe)

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