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by Jennifer Xue

As a manager, you work with a team of fantastic people who are experts in their fields. They are strong and eager team players with excellent work ethics who are keen to share their knowledge. Unfortunately, many have difficulty conveying their thoughts in writing, making them sound less capable than they are. It’s your responsibility to help them, and doing so will benefit the whole team.

In this article, we’ll talk about the common issues in business writing and how managers can help team members recognize their own writing issues, revising them before publication.

Identifying Common Issues

Every piece of writing, including business writing, is judged by its substance, tone, structure, grammar, mechanics, and overall presentation. They may serve different purposes and their content should be tailored accordingly: writing reports should be approached differently from writing newsletter articles, and handbooks aren’t press releases nor meeting agendas. However, regardless of the final deliverable, every piece must be written with best practice in mind.


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