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Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery in America

by Jennifer Xue Most typical teenagers likely have thought about or, even, have tried running away from home. Parents and non-parents alike must take this intention seriously as it is as a very dangerous thing to do. Throughout the United States, 450,000 minors run...

A Cold and Hungry Christmas in America

[Read directly on] by Jennie M. Xue PanaJournal - Behind its wealthy facade, the so-called “Land of Opportunities” isn’t quite like so to many Americans. The 2008 economic downturn has left many families and individuals, including children, homeless...

Death of Print and Rise of Long-Form Journalism

[Read directly on] by Jennie M. Xue PanaJournal - Print is dead. And long-form journalism is rising. The digital environment of Internet serves as the perfect backdrop platform for the pair. The Internet provides immediacy and brevity. It also...

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