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A Quick Note from Jennie

Hi friends, Just a quick note. For the time being, this site and "Sahabat Jennie" WA Group, are on hiatus until further notice. Judging from the first month of this year, we're optimistic that 2023 wouldn't be much of a recession, and things are not as...

Teknologi dan Keutuhan Ciptaan Menurut Jennie Xue

[Download artikel wawancara dalam PDF di sini: GITA SANG SURYA artikel Mei Juni 2021 Sosok Jennie Xue] Catatan: Majalah Gita Sang Surya diterbitkan oleh Ordo Fransiskan (Katholik) dan JPIC OFM Indonesia. Majalah ini didistribusikan di berbagai seminari, STF, dan...

Something Exciting, Something New

Hello, I'm starting as a book summary site. On a daily basis, by e-mail, you'll receive concise non-fiction book summaries to help you excel more in life. Each summary can be consumed within 3 minutes. Yes, it's that concise! Book genres we cover...

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