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I’m an Open Book

It's time to close a chapter and move on to the next. This time, I'll be doing it by myself without much baggage. I wouldn't call it "starting over" because it's not. What "starting over" is and isn't. When you hit rock bottom emotionally, psychologically, and...

Teknologi dan Keutuhan Ciptaan Menurut Jennie Xue

[Download artikel wawancara dalam PDF di sini: GITA SANG SURYA artikel Mei Juni 2021 Sosok Jennie Xue] Catatan: Majalah Gita Sang Surya diterbitkan oleh Ordo Fransiskan (Katholik) dan JPIC OFM Indonesia. Majalah ini didistribusikan di berbagai seminari, STF, dan...

Something Exciting, Something New

Hello, I'm starting as a book summary site. On a daily basis, by e-mail, you'll receive concise non-fiction book summaries to help you excel more in life. Each summary can be consumed within 3 minutes. Yes, it's that concise! Book genres we cover...

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