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Elections and the Big Business of Politics

[Read directly on] by Jennie M. Xue The 2017 Regional Elections next week, which is known by its Indonesian abbreviation as Pilkada, is the battleground for the so-called three-pronged “businesses of politics,” which comprise the candidates, the sponsors,...

Indonesia among the Worst Mercantilists?

[Download PDF JAKARTA POST Indonesia among the worst mercantilists?] by Jennie M. Xue According to the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation based in Washington, DC, Indonesia is among the countries that turn to “innovation mercantilism”, which is a...

Happy Eid Mubarak

Happy Eid Mubarak! God bless us all.

Ending Islamophilia This Ramadhan

by Jennie M. Xue Ramadhan is now upon us again. Every year, Muslims around the world are engaged in a special month where they fast, read the Koran, and be more charitable and more generous to the unfortunates. It’s a special month for the Muslims, which must be...

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