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Avatarism and cyber law

by Jennie S. Bev  We all live as avatars. The term “avatar” refers to the projection of one’s personality, particularly over the Internet. While in Hinduism, an “avatar” is a reincarnation of Vishnu, in today’s society, it is nothing more than an image of...

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Friendship, lust, and love

by Jennie S. Bev  Love and lust are addicting and intoxicating. Friendship keeps things grounded. In a good marriage, all these elements are present with friendship as the underlying principle, a lot of love as the building bricks, and a few dashes of lust to...

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The anatomy of a kiss

by Jennie S. Bev  A kiss is not just a kiss. It is more and sometimes it is less than itself. A kiss may mean many things, yet we all are so infatuated with kisses. We kiss and are kissed. We love watching kissing movie scenes and cheer whenever we see lovebirds...

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Verisimilitude, bullshit, and meaning

by Jennie S. Bev Every single incident captured through the senses has at least one meaning, if not several. Meanings are both attached and given. As a writer, I give both concrete and abstract meanings to many things, since verisimilitude is a principle that I always...

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The silence breaker

  by Jennie S. Bev What do Benedict Anderson, John Roosa, and Robert Lemelson have in common? They have all talked about the G30S/PKI incident and its aftermath. Anderson with his Cornell paper A Preliminary Analysis of the October 1, 1965 Coup in Indonesia,...

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The Lolita Effect and female identity

by Jennie S. Bev Powerful influences in today’s digital era alter people’s perceptions and eventually alter the condition of the society. Throughout history, mainstream culture has slanted toward the most influential, which in this case is the producer of the content...

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