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Jennie Xue is one of the most prolific writers born in Indonesia residing overseas. She has over 3,000 articles and 100 ebooks published under her belt since the late 1990s.

Her regular columns can be read in Forbes Indonesia (2012-2020), Kontan Weekly (2011-2021), The Jakarta Post, The Jakarta Globe, Tracy Press, and other publications in Indonesia, USA, and other regions.

In her past incarnations, she was also known as a human rights activist, a housing activist, and a college professor.

Her latest ventures include an independent publisher focusing on Christian self-help, an online university/academy, and a UX writing institute.

She is based in Northern California and travels periodically to Southeast Asia.

For her visual resume, professional biography, and list of achievements in publishing and business, refer to

Listen to her interviews with the Voice of America (VOA) on her activism:

On Housing

On Human Rights

In Her Own Words

From 1998 to 2008, I was involved in human rights activism in educating the public on May 1998 Tragedy in Indonesia. From 2008 to 2012, I was involved in housing activism in California due to the mortgage tsunami.

In Indonesia, I was known for my decade-long Kontan Daily column “Siasat Bisnis” and Forbes Indonesia column “Global Viewpoint.” Yes, I’m entirely bilingual in English and Indonesian.

BUTTON mag logosAs an accomplished author, I have published 3,000+ articles in English and Indonesian worldwide for publications like Forbes, Fortune, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, The Jakarta Post, The Jakarta Globe, Common Ground News, MediaBistro, and inserts to The Washington Post, New York Daily, Chicago Tribune, and many others. I also published 100 print and electronic books (e-books) in both English and Indonesian.

I graduated with an LLB from the University of Indonesia (graduated among the best and the fastest –7 semester completion–in the graduating year) and MSc in Education from California State University (with 3.98 GPA). A multidisciplinarian, I have also completed an MBA, an MA in Theology, and an MSc in Project Management.

I also hold American Studies and Technical Writing certificates from the University of California at Berkeley and Project Management from University of California Irvine. I taught approximately 50 Essay and Paper Writing classes at Western Governors University (2004-2008).

For my unique views on business, activism, and worldview, I was interviewed by these media:

  • USA: Voice of America, The Independent (Daly City, San Bruno, South San Francisco, San Mateo and the rest of Peninsula), SFGate, Tracy PressThe Record (San Joaquin), KCRA-TV, Entrepreneur, Home Business, Sun Sentinel (Florida), etc.
  • Indonesia: The Jakarta Globe, Femina, Dewi, Intisari, Kartini, Tabloid Nyata, Luar Biasa, Chic, Nova, Jaring News, Bisnis Kita,, etc.
  • Switzerland: Swiss Public Radio
  • Singapore: Radio Singapore International, MDIS







Jennie M. Xue is an award-winning author and bilingual columnist based in Northern California. She writes in English and Indonesian and is known as one of the most prolific Indonesia-born bilingual authors and columnists. Her English-only site and writing portfolio is

They Said

The fire within Jennie was ignited as another fire was extinguished.
(Justin Lafferty for Tracy Press)

In a way, Jennie is a literary opposite of Stockton native Maxine Hong Kingston, who wrote about being trapped between American culture and the wrenchingly different ways of her Chinese immigrant parents. Cultural dislocation empowers Jennie.
(Michael Fitzgerald for The Record of San Joaquin)

They say the people who truly love you are the ones who constantly urge you to improve. Jakarta native and award-winning writer Jennie embodies this. Though she has lived in America for more than a decade, Jennie writes exhaustively on Jakarta, its people, its activism and its future.
(Shalene Gupta for The Jakarta Globe)

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