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Hi friends,

Just a quick note. For the time being, this site and “Sahabat Jennie” WA Group, are on hiatus until further notice.

Judging from the first month of this year, we’re optimistic that 2023 wouldn’t be much of a recession, and things are not as gloomy as predicted last year. For this, we’re so grateful, right? Just keep your eyes and ears open.

Follow reputable influencers like Prof. Rhenald Kasali of Rumah Perubahan. He’s my senior at the University of Indonesia, and his analyses are top-notch. And also, to have a balanced perspective on both macro and micro economics, follow other economists and business management experts.

As I’m brewing an online school and a digital publishing venture, I may have some freebies for you shortly. Just stay tuned.

I’m both a thinker and a doer. An idealist and a realist. A teacher and a learner. And always your friend.

Happy February, all. God bless you abundantly!

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